Ferrite materials survey

This compilation is for pre-selecting an appropriate toroid material for balun transformers, tuning coils and filters. Choose your application's frequency and the corresponding Q factor needed to open the datasheet of a fitting material.

Just click on the material designation.

Ferrite materials of the following manufacturers are included:

Amidon                      (Amidon (Micrometals) iron powder)
Ferroxcube (Philips)

Additional information:

How this survey was compiled













How this survey was compiled

All data presented originate from the materials' datasheets. The significant part is played by the "Complex Permeability vs. Frequency" chart. Here are all key parameters taken from. The Q factors at different frequencies are simply the μ'/μ" ratios graphically abstracted from the chart.

For your coil/filter design, try to keep clear of the steep rise in loss (μ"). In most cases, the safe area is to the left of the Q=100 mark.