Virgo Meteor Sky View
Changes and new features
No more OSWIN
After waiting for nearly four years, it becomes clear that OSWIN will never return to the meteor mode. The OSWIN display was removed from the Virgo applet.
(May 2012)

OSWIN listening at galactic noise
OSWIN is undergoing daily calibrating cycles while Cassiopeia is passing through the radar beam. The aim is to measure the galactic noise separately from other sources.
(November/December 2008)

Virgo's OSWIN blackout
On September, the 6th, IAP Kühlungsborn changed the image format of OSWIN's radar data display. Unfortunately, I left for holidays a few days later without recognizing Virgo's malfunction. So Virgo was suffering from a four weeks OSWIN blackout... :-(
(October 2008)

Many thanks: IAP Kühlungsborn grants ten minutes OSWIN data update for Virgo's use
IAP Kühlungsborn's RADAR web pages are undergoing an intense renewal with the data transfer rate reduced to one transmission per hour. You surely noticed Virgo's messages that the data stream was temporarily interrupted.

I asked the people at IAP K'born whether it would be possible to get back to the old schedule for Virgo's OSWIN display. They finally decided to continue the ten minutes update for the web page Virgo uses for data input.

So again many thanks to the people at IAP Kühlungsborn for their kind support of amateur radio purposes!
(November 2007)

OSWIN RADAR data: OCR now reads timestamp
After some months of testing, OSWIN data acquisition now is completed by reading the timestamp by OCR, too.
(September 2007)

Daytime Showers
IMO's list of daytime radio meteor showers lacks of radiant drift data. Virgo tries an approximation - read more...
(June 2007)

The Antihelion Source

If you are a regular customer of Virgo's service, you have surely recognized that new antihelion source in the radiants' list. Read more about the background of the mysterious new radiant...
(January 2007)

OSWIN 53 MHz Meteor RADAR data
Surely one of the most exciting features: Virgo's RADAR data display. Read more...
(December 2006)