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Listen to the last electromechanic transmitter in the world:
World Heritage Grimeton Radio (SAQ) on 17.2 kHz

*** 14.2 kHz transmission on 2020-09-12 by Warsaw University
The balloon reached a height of 29164 meters a. s. l. before it entered the re-entry phase. Its gondola landed and was successfully recovered with all of its equipment at 18.15 CEST / 16.15 UTC.

There were some unexpected issues during the launch procedure. The take-off location at the airport was chosen incorrectly by the airport authorities. This, combined with strong wind, caused the flight train to collide with a wind indicating mast. The balloon was finally launched, but the end of the antenna was teared off and left on ground.

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Baseband VLF WebSDR by DL1DBC as part of the PA3FWM WebSDR project

VIRGO - tracking of meteor radiants
a JAVA sky view application for meteorscatter

VIRGO standalone application available now:

maintained by Bastian, DB1BM, and Alexander, DL8AAU

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